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Learning from the Master of Happiness

Credit: Jan Michael (via Flickr). Only one person on the planet could draw a crowd of fourteen thousand in Perth, Western Australia, to listen to nothing but a two-hour long speech on happiness. That person is Tenzin Gyatso, the 14thDalai … Continue reading

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Free stuff! For me, not for you, sorry

Once a year my local council collects and disposes of everyone’s household junk. For two or three days prior, the roadside is strewn with a hodgepodge of all things deemed too old, too broken and just too damn ugly. It’s high … Continue reading

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Letter from a favourite author

Today I discovered a letter in my mailbox from one of my favourite authors. It feels strange to say that… Sure, it was only a short reply to say thanks for my full page of sycophantic drivel – but hey, I’m not complaining. It … Continue reading

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Rubik’s cube: Why almost anyone can solve it

Everytime I’ve shown off my Rubik’s cube skills, I’ve managed to elicit some pretty astonished responses. I can solve it — without fail — in less than two minutes. For anybody who’s taken the time to learn a little about Rubik’s cubes, you’ll … Continue reading

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How to pay for Australia’s floods? Cut money from climate abatement, decides PM

It is certainly difficult to attribute a specific natural disaster to climate change. But if you’ve chosen to side with the 95% of climate scientists who believe that the Earth’s climate is changing and that we are mainly responsible, then you probably know … Continue reading

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Milk your travel insurance in Cambodia

Some travel advice: if you’re in a place like Cambodia, you have travel insurance, and suddenly you need to go to the hospital, TELL YOUR DRIVER that you want to go to the best, most expensive hospital in town. You poured your savings into … Continue reading

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Grammar riddle that has little to do with Kanye West

Certain phrasings I come across from time to time make me stumble for half a second and re-read them. One of these is the consecutive repetition of a word, for example, “Before yesterday I had had doubts about bothering with this … Continue reading

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