Letter from a favourite author

Today I discovered a letter in my mailbox from one of my favourite authors. It feels strange to say that…

Sure, it was only a short reply to say thanks for my full page of sycophantic drivel – but hey, I’m not complaining. It means so much to know that he took the time to personally reply. And I honestly didn’t have that much hope of hearing back… I mean, he must be busy with his next masterpiece, right?

Letter from a favourite author.

And the best part about it is that he sounds as genuinely appreciative of my letter as I am of his.

So, which of your idols/heroes/whatevers have you written to? And more importantly, which have been kind enough to reply?

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11 Responses to Letter from a favourite author

  1. Hey that’s great! And I didn’t anything about sycophantic drivel in his response. Don’t sell yourself short.

  2. I haven’t had the guts to write an admiring letter to an idol since I was a teenager, and wrote to Cory Wells (of Three Dog Night) receiving a pleasant note signed with a brown felt tip pen in response. Of course I liked his singing, but I suppose that was more of a crush. I don’t think my signed copy of the “Roxanne” single (vinyl 45) counts either, although I did have to weather Stewart Copeland’s withering gaze as I asked him to sign the 45, instead of the sleeve. That was odd because, from what I’ve read, that was their first American tour (going from show to show in a van) so you’d think he’d have been just a little nicer at a record signing. Sting made up for that by being playful and funny. I’m so glad I had the presence of mind then, to keep a diary! I don’t want to live in the past, but memories are history, and history should be remembered. Right?

    It’s great that an author you admire thanked you for your letter and wished you luck with your writing. Yay you! (Your letter trumps my autographs!)

    • Beau Gamble says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! To be honest, I had never heard of Cory Wells or Three Dog Night or Stewart Copeland (though wiki just told me he’s the drummer from The Police).

      I have the same conflict about not wanting to live in the past but also not wanting to let go of precoius memories — I think you have a good way of looking at it. I’ve never really kept a diary, but I guess that, as long as this blog stays alive, it’s functioning as the same thing… And it’ll be interesting to look back on my posts in a year/decade’s time.

  3. This is wonderful! It’s great that you had the guts to write and send a letter, and secondly, that he was such a gentleman in responding to you.
    For all we know, Beau Gamble, you could become the next Bill Bryson. You’re off to a great start by committing to writing on this blog.

    • Beau Gamble says:

      Thanks for the support 🙂

      Well, I don’t have much hope of becoming the next Bill Bryson, but to be honest I would absolutely love to have a job anything like his… writing about your travels or absorbing yourself for years in research for a book like A Short History of Nearly Everything.

      I’ll certainly keep up with writing on this blog — like you said, at least it’s a start!

  4. huffygirl says:

    Sad to say I am not familiar with the works of Bill Bryson. I think it’s great that he wrote you a personal letter though. I didn’t think anyone DID that anymore.

    • Beau Gamble says:

      Thanks Donna — I was just as surprised 🙂 It was especially cool getting a hard-copy letter in the mail… So much more exciting than finding a new email in your inbox!

  5. I really love Bill Bryson…especially his book, “The Lost Continent.” I think he is from Iowa and believe me, he is not the typical Iowan! Great post, and neat letter from him. I’m always writing letters to people I admire and seldom hear back, so this was encouraging!

  6. I wrote to Dean Koontz a few years ago describing my addiction to him..well to his work. He had appeared on a panel show..Bill Mahr I think. There was another BIG star who dominated the whole discussion and would not let Dean or anyone else have a say. I told him I would have liked to take this guys huge ego and stuff it down his throat so he could never talk again. Dean sent a very nice letter to me expressing his amusement.
    Thanks for the pleasant rememory!

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